DocXone and Xero
go together like
fish and chips

DocXone is the Xero accountant’s best friend

Syncs with Xero Practice
Manager with superior
versioning control

DocXone is the Xero accountant’s best friend

online document management
that’s secure and easy to use

DocXone has Microsoft-level security with simple ‘drag and drop’ file movements

Save time doing more productive
work than trying to find
a needle in a haystack

Find and retrieve any files with our advanced search features

Sharing files with each other
has never been easier

DocXone is the online document management system made for you and your team

Fully integrated with outlook
so all your emails are
safely backed up

You can file a copy of all your emails specific to each job

Feature-rich and easy to use online document management system purpose built for accountants

Keep all your documents and emails in one safe online place.

DocXone was purpose-built for Xero accountants. It’s a better, smarter repository for Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, image files, emails and every other kind of electronic file that comes your way. Quick and easy to use, DocXone is the ultimate document management system.

Syncs with
Xero Practice Manager

If you’re a Xero accountant, you’ll save time, money and frustration by becoming a DocXone accountant too. Accountants say DocXone is the best cloud document management system they’ve ever used.

Superior versioning control

DocXone employs several strategies to ensure careful version control, including keeping a record of changes made.

Integrates with Outlook to back-up your emails

A purpose-built plug-in for DocXone integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so you can save emails you send and receive.

Advanced search features

You can search for text content in the document, client’s name, document type and document date. Your people will love the time-efficiency of DocXone.

DocXone at a glance

  • Synchronisation with Xero Practice Manager

  • Built on Microsoft 365

  • Integration with Outlook

  • Advanced search features

  • Strict version control

  • Drag and drop simplicity

  • Checking in and Checking out documents

  • Microsoft-level security

  • Superior file structuring

  • Advanced access control

  • Optional backup to PC or server

  • Easy document sharing

  • 24/7 access

  • Reduces IT infrastructure costs

"There’s a lot to love about DocXone, including its strict version control. No more chaos and confusion for us."

Xero accountant, Auckland

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